In 2003, the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) introduced the first energy efficiency performance requirements into the Building Code of Australia (BCA), in consultation with the Council of Australian Governments, to safeguard the future in response to climate change. The minimum energy performance standards were adopted for all building classifications between 2003 and 2010 to reduce green-house gas emissions contributing from the built environment.

The philosophy behind the adoption of the provisions are that an energy efficient building is likely to stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and by improving the conditions within a building, occupants are less likely to utilise artificial heating and cooling services.
The outcome is both economic and human comfort benefits are achieved by having a building designed with greater levels of energy efficiency, as well as reducing green-house gas emissions.

Before a Certificate of Compliance can be issued for a new building, addition or alteration containing a “conditioned space”, an energy efficiency assessment will be required. Energy efficiency assessments ensure a residential building will achieve compliance with regard to building fabric, external glazing, building sealing, air movement and services. A commercial energy efficiency assessment (often referred to as a Section J assessment) ensures a commercial building will achieve compliance with regards to building fabric, glazing, building, air-conditioning and ventilation systems, artificial lighting and power, heated water supply and facilities for energy monitoring.

Specialised Building Solutions offers the below energy efficiency assessments & compliance reports;

– WA Alterations & Additions Protocol Assessments
– 6-Star NatHERS Assessments
– VURB Assessments (until compulsory adoption of NCC 2019)
– Elemental Provisions Assessments
– Energy Efficiency Modelling & Consultancy

Our Energy Assessors are committed to offering the highest quality of service, therefore by engaging us to complete your next energy assessment we guarantee…

  • We will reduce design costs and provide alternative design advice i.e. avoiding double glazing if possible.
  • We can provide advice and alternative solutions on achieving the required thermal resistance values.
  • We endeavor to turn-around certification within 24-hours, subject to size & complexity of the project.
  • Free amendments.
  • We will never raise an issue without offering a solution!

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