The structural provisions of the National Construction Code (NCC) are an integral part of the building standards in Australia. These provisions set out the minimum performance and reliability of a building or structure to resist design actions which it may reasonably expect to be subjected too.

It is a Structural Engineers’ role to determine how a building or structure should be designed or constructed to address the structural provisions of the NCC. A Structural Engineer may use one, or a combination of test certificates, engineering calculations, specifications & structural drawings, to certify that a material, product, form of construction or design fulfils these provisions. The documentation listed above is provided as evidence to support that the design & construction is suitable and addresses all structural applicable building standards.

Generally, all buildings and structures that require a Building Permit will need some form of evidence from a Structural Engineer to show how a building or structure should be designed and constructed. Specialised Building Solutions can provide the below structural engineering services…

  • Structural Engineering Design & Certification
  • Structural Engineering Standard Details
  • Structural Engineer Site Inspections & Certification Reports
  • Site Classification Reports

Specialised Building Solutions can also provide fire engineering consultancy & certification services where applicable for commercial buildings. A Fire Engineer may be engaged where a building does not meet the deemed-to-satisfy provisions of the NCC with regards to Fire Resistance or Fire Services.

A Fire Engineer may also complete inspections, reports & evidence of suitability where required to satisfy the applicable building standards. We can provide the below fire engineering services…

  • Fire Safety Engineering Report & Brief
  • Performance Solution Reports & Evidence of Suitability
  • Performance Solution Advice & Consultation
  • Fire Engineer Inspection & Reports

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